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[The Best American Essays (2013)]
[The Old Man and The Sea]
[The American Dollar]
[Swimsuits & Sweaters]
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[Earl Grey Créme Tea]
[The Holiday]
[Florence Welch]

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The Harry to my Draco : Rory
My mother: Adele

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There are insignificant things about a guy that can really do it for me, physically, if the emotional and mental chemistry is spot on. If “Mr. Right,” turned out to be an inch or two taller than I am? Granted, I’m 6’4”, but holy hnng. Tousled hair, well defined body, and nice legs, and I’m pretty damn happy. 


I have within me myths, ideals, legacies and fiction, intertwined and inseparable from reality and objectivity, moral, compassion, hunger. I find these two sides often within a disagreeable dichotomy, however distant it may be. Though no matter how often they may banter, they combine to prove a large part of who I am, and it’s not something I would change, even if they do tend to frustrate me sometimes. 


I’m a very habitual creature, yet I long for breaks in the “daily grind,” or the routine of things. Certain routines are incredibly soothing to me; every night I crawl in bed with a mug of double spice chai tea from STASH, and listen to Bon Iver’s “Holocene,” on repeat while either reading or geeking around online. But there are other things, like the day-to-day grind, that I’m constantly looking for ways to break up the monotony of. I try and work out and swim and look for new things, and I’d like to start glass-blowing and piano classes (not simultaneously, mind you) by summer.


I’m a complete weirdo about my laundry. When most of it’s dirty, I’m more stressed out.

When ALL of my clothes are clean (like now, for instance) and actually organized and put away properly, I’m really really relaxed. And not just about my laundry…it definitely affects my life for some reason. The thought “man, if only all my clothes were clean, life would be a little easier right now” has legitimately crossed my mind before.

036. I was in love with Daniel Radcliffe a few years ago

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034. I desire five things to be constants in my life more than anything else in the world

And with all these present, I am happy.  In no particular order; food, companionship, sleep, sex, and learning.

033. I’m very picky about my spot in the library

I need somewhere where there’s definitely not a lot of people around, and preferably with my back to the wall.  I don’t know, if it’s not right, I’ll move (and have done so) at least a half dozen times until I find my perfect corner or something like that.  Atmosphere is hugely conducive to my actually being productive with my work.


I really need to finish my application for Big Brother.


I often find it difficult to be productive when all I can really think about are my dreams, specifically, Manhattan.


I would, if presented the choice between the three Deathly Hallows, undoubtedly choose to have the Cloak of Invisibility.