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[The Old Man and The Sea]
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students out of bed

The Harry to my Draco : Rory
My mother: Adele

Find your heart's desires...

Oh, Coldplay.

And I just got broken,
Broken into two,
Still I call it magic
When I’m next to you

Magic by Coldplay (via the-rain-never-ceases)
Thoughts on Magic


With one listen, I’m already hooked. It’s brighter than Midnight (pun intended) for sure, and it’s a nice contrast. You can tell the boys really worked on simplifying their sound from MX. It’s a great fresh sound, and I am about to explode with all this news!

So, how do you feel about Magic?


I just came home and I have tears in my eyes while I’m listening to ‘Magic’, a mix of happiness because they are finally back and we’re starting a new era and sadness because I miss all the craziness in the fandom for 10 hours.


a drop in the ocean
a change in the weather
i was, praying that you and me might end up together
it’s like wishing for rain as i stand in the desert

"Malfoy…?" said the black haired boy, turning back to face the boy who he had loathed for so long.
"It’s Malfoy again, is it?" snarled the blonde.
"Look…Draco…” Harry said, emphasizing the name.  ”What is it you want?  I’m extremely busy trying to figure everything out right now with this bloody tournament.”
"Harry, please.  Stay.  Study with me.  I’ll help you research.  I just want to start over.  I want us to be able to talk, to get to know each other again.  I don’t even know what you’re up to anymore these days, besides you know, having your name thrown into this tournament."
"Oh, so that wasn’t you the other day taking the piss out of me at the Slytherin table in front of all your mates?  Hoping I’d get killed by a dragon?  I’m done, Malfoy, you hear me?” he started to raise his voice, placing extra volume on the surname.  ”Done!  I can’t trust you and I don’t want to try anymore.  You don’t know what’s going on with me because that’s how a BREAKUP WORKS,” he started to scream flat out now.  ”GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD.  I DO NOT want to be your friend, your boyfriend, or have anything to do with you.  I DON’T want to get to know you again, or ever, now for the love of Merlin PLEASE SOD THE FUCK OFF and leave me alone.”
A small crowd had gathered as Potter had started to shout, and as the boy walked away, thronged with his friends, Granger, and Weasley, Draco felt more alone than ever, watching the love of his life slip, mercilessly, through his fingers.








Icelandic descendants of Vikings singing a hymn in a German train station. They totally need to be on the next Thor soundtrack.

Oh man oh man oh man. 6 guys, and it FILLS THE SPACE. Luck of the architecture - and they know how to pull it off. Nothing is easy making vocal music in a space not built for it. I want to do this kind of thing - randomly perform multipart harmony in public spaces.

And it reminds me of Bjork:

My god this is beautiful.

Oh my god, the bass voice is superb.

This makes me feel so many things. Gods, it’s gorgeous and so evocative and wow. I need to find out what hymn this is.

It’s Hear, Heavenly Creator (I don’t know how that’s spelled in Icelandic, and I don’t have the characters on my keyboard for the letters anyway haha).

It’s… old as balls. Like 11th century old.


(via bookwho)

I solemnly swear I’m up to no good
fuck: tom felton, marry: benedict cumberbatch, kill: louis tomlinson oops
by gotchapond

oh this makes me sad :( haha I would kill benedict, fuck louis (he’s also my favorite!) and marry Tom <3

can y’all imagine a RL tumblr reunion with all the “famous” bloggers from the HP era there? CRAY